Whether you already have a cover letter & resume and feel they are in need of an overhaul, or have never prepared these documents before, we can help you.  We have tailored our services to meet the individual needs of our clients, while being competitively priced.

Your cover letter & resume will be tailored to highlight your strengths, skills, qualifications and demonstrated achievements relevant to your industry. We ask that you provide us with a job advert for a role you wish to apply for, or with a number of job adverts which are typical to the roles you are seeking. This will enable us to specifically tailored your cover letter & resume for your individual job search. If you have a resume you are currently using, or an old resume from the past, providing this lets us quickly understand your career to date and past experience.  In addition to reviewing your job adverts and past resume, we will arrange a time to speak with you so that we can really understand you, your skills, experience, achievements and career goals.


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