Attending a job interview can be a daunting experience for many people.  It is often the last step in the recruitment process before being offered the job, so we all want to make a great impression, while effectively promoting our skills, experiences and suitability for the role.

It is vital that at the interview you can communicate effectively, providing recruiters and employers with the information they are searching for, while being concise and positive.  Being able to do this comes down to extensive preparation and practice.

We can help you to prepare and practice for your job interview by:

  • Helping you understand the type of interview you have been asked to attend and what to expect – phone screening, group interview, assessment centres, role plays, etc.
  • Understanding the role you are interviewing for and identifying questions you may be asked.
  • Coaching you on how to approach different questions and how to give a winning response recruiters and employers will want to hear.
  • Researching the business, its values and its direction, ensuring you are fully aware of the business and its needs.
  • Coaching you on the application of the STAR technique for answering behavioural questions effectively.
  • Discussing the importance of presentation and body language from arrival at the interview.
  • Reviewing any presentations, role plays or activities you have been asked to prepare for your interview.
  • Providing you with an understanding of different assessments you may be asked to undertake.
  • Giving you hints on how to make a good interview, great!

If all that is stopping you from obtaining your dream job or from taking the next step in your career is the job interview, why not contact us today for help with the preparation stage, giving you every opportunity to succeed.