Selection criteria are a common requirement when applying for roles in the government and education sectors, and can vary in length depending on industry, job and employer. Responding to selection criteria can be a big job and overwhelming if you aren’t sure how to approach the questions and structure your response. We have experience in writing successful selection criteria for clients across varying industries including teaching, customer services, local council and more.

So we can prepare your selection criteria, we will arrange to speak with you to obtain information about your experience and examples of work you have done relevant to each criteria. It will be helpful if you also provide a copy of the cover letter and resume you will be submitting as part of your job application.

Selection criteria length and requirements can vary from job-to-job, and therefore a quote can be provided upon viewing the selection criteria requiring a response. Each criteria will generally be addressed in approximately one half of a page depending on individual criteria requirements.

Please contact us to arrange a quote and phone consultation.